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The Sequoia Trust

The Sequoia Trust is a new and unique offshore asset protection trust vehicle which has been developed by the Sequoia Group to specifically serve the asset protection needs of those individuals who have total assets which are valued at less than $5 Million. The fundamental purpose of the Sequoia Trust is to provide significant asset protection at a reasonable cost to those individuals who never have given serious consideration to forming an asset protection trust because of the relative cost.

Since The Sequoia Trust is a domestic trust established in the Caribbean nation of Nevis, unlike other jurisdictions the trust is actually recorded in the government records. By recording the trust, there is clear and convincing evidence as to when the trust was established, which helps to defeat any fraudulent transfer claims made by judgment creditors located in the U.S. or elsewhere. And just as with the Sequoia Group’s other asset protection trusts, the Sequoia Trust is fully administered by the Amsterdam Trust Corporation (ATC) with over $50 billion under trust administration and over one hundred and fifty years of experience.

While offshore asset protection trust can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 in initial legal and administration costs and can take a considerable amount of time to set up, the Sequoia Trust can be established for an all-inclusive initial set-up fee of only $7500. This fee includes all legal work in drafting the trust as well as preparation of all documents required to assign or transfer assets into the trust itself. In addition, the structure includes the creation of a Nevis limited liability company (LLC) which will be wholly owned by the trust but managed by the client directly. And as a fully legitimate estate and tax planning expense, the initial costs incurred in setting up the trust may be tax deductible. In addition, because the asset protection trust is being formed in Nevis, the Sequoia Trust can be fully established in less than a month. And in the event that, at some point in the future, the client wishes to set up an offshore corporation or limited liability company, and have the shares of that entity held by the trust, such an entity can be established for a very reasonable additional fee.

We believe that the creation of the Sequoia Trust, which has been specifically developed for this purpose, provides an entirely new and very effective opportunity for individuals with total wealth of less than $5 Million to benefit from a similar level of asset protection as those individuals who have created a complex offshore asset protection trust structure, and for a considerably reduced cost. In these particularly difficult economic times that we are now experiencing, the availability of such a new and innovative offshore asset protection trust product is, needless to say, extremely appealing.

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